Noct is a top-down survival horror game, now on Kickstarter

If we can learn anything from popular culture, it's that the total collapse of society isn't going to be all fun and games. It does inspire fun and games, though. In a world where people will literally bring an abundance of unhealthy food to your house for money, there's something appealing about pretending to be in a desperate and harrowing battle for your life. Hence Noct , a top-down survival horror that depicts a decaying world filled with eldritch terrors—but does so in a particularly stylish and unusual way.

Depicted through the eerie glare of a thermal imaging satellite, the game will have you hunt weapons and items while fending off the bug-like horrors that await. There are shades of Teleglitch here—although where that game hinged on the pace and impact of its combat, Noct appears less immediately frantic.

As you'd expect from a survival game, you'll only have one life per attempt. While the world itself doesn't seem to be procedural—with the exception of the planned multiplayer component—you will face random events and enemy placement. The monsters are key here, with the Kickstarter page citing Contra and Gradius as inspirations for the encounter mechanics of its larger creatures.

The developers are hoping to raise $22,000 CAD, and are currently sitting at just under $6,000 CAD with 15 days to go. For more details, head over to Noct's Kickstarter page .

Phil Savage

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