No Man's Sky gifts you with Mass Effect's Normandy SR1 for completing its latest expedition

This week marked the start of Beachhead, the second expedition since No Man's Sky's Expeditions update launched back in April. Because each expedition tasks you with completing certain milestones and offers unique rewards at the end, the community has been wondering what the big reward could be, and today Hello Games revealed that each player who completes Beachhead can permanently add Mass Effect's Normandy SR-1 to their frigate. "We are thrilled and flattered that Bioware and EA let us pay tribute in this way," the official statement reads. "As huge fans of the series, it's a lovely moment for sci-fi fans." 

Players spent the week trying to figure out what the expedition was pointing towards, and speculation grew after Hello games founder Sean Murray posted a message in No Man Sky's language just yesterday which read "Look to the monolith, the weapon is coming." The name of the expedition, Beachhead, is itself a hint, as it is a term describing the landing point of an invasion.

Despite giving it their best, the No Man's Sky community hasn't worked out that both these hints ultimately point to Mass Effect: Beachhead refers to the Reaper invasion and the monolith is likely a reference to Andromeda's monoliths, even though this particular plotline isn't part of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, the release of which Hello Games is also celebrating with this easter egg.

Hello Games has already hinted at further surprises to celebrate No Man's Sky's 5th anniversary.

For Mass Effect fans, seeing the Normandy and being able to add it to their frigate is a cool treat, as the Normandy is a visual symbol of Shephard's journey and their crew—every sci-fi saga needs at least one recognisable ship, after all. You can undertake Beachhead and get the Normandy until the expedition's end on May 31.