No Man's Sky gets its largest update yet

Hello Games has released the “largest set of fixes and tweaks so far” for its galactic exploration game No Man's Sky. The update includes fixes to crash bugs, issues that left players stuck in the world, and corrupt save games, plus numerous gameplay tweaks and improvements, and a handful of PC-specific updates as well. 

One particularly interesting fix corrects a bug that “could cause some corrupt save games to not be loaded.” Hello didn't specify how that would impact the game, but it's possible that it could be related to complaints last week that player discoveries in No Man's Sky were being deleted. The studio still hasn't responded to our inquiries about that specific issue (and I'm starting to think it's not going to) but fact that at least one Redditor pointed to "corruption" as a possible cause for the disappearances suggests, to me at least, that there may be a connection.   

“Over the last few weeks since No Man’s Sky released we’ve been inundated with feedback and discussion about No Man’s Sky. No matter what feedback you gave us, you have been heard and we are listening carefully. Thank you,” Hello Games wrote in the latest development update. “What matters now, as always, is what we do rather than what we say. We’re developers, and our focus is first on resolving any issues people have with the game as it is, then on future free updates which will improve, expand and build on the No Man’s Sky universe.” 

The full list of fixes in the 1.07 patch is available on Steam.

Andy Chalk

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