Nioh's PC port to add mouse and keyboard support in update this week

A sloppy port mars Nioh's opening hours, said Tom earlier this month of Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja's latest ARPG. The one-time console-exclusive is now lining up an update which aims to address some of its issues on PC. 

I dived in for the first time last week, and, like Tom, was a wee bit disappointed with the Complete Edition's dodgy rendering and resolution settings. This update targets mouse and keyboard support, however, as well as key bindings and "other miscellaneous bugs" as outlined in this tweet:

The above is also detailed on the game's Steam page, however beyond that there's not much else to go on for now. It's worth noting that the November 30 due date refers to Japan time—which could mean November 29 in the west, depending on the time of day it lands.

Admittedly, optimisation is further up my list of prospective PC improvements here, and I'll likely always play these types of games with a control pad. Nevertheless, does the idea of mouse and keyboard support in Nioh excite you? Let us know in the comments south of here. 

Ahead of this week's update, let me point you towards Lauren Morton's Nioh review, and ten things Lauren and James wished they knew before firing it up for the first time.