Ninja threatens to quit Fortnite for good over stream sniping

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' recent return to Fortnite didn't go too well, with the prolific streamer threatening to give up the game for good after being allegedly stream-sniped four games in a row. 

While he broke into fame through Epic's battle royale, it's been a hot minute since Ninja played Fortnite on the regular, moving on to games like Valorant. Don't get used to the blue-haired streamer playing Fortnite again, though—after being allegedly sniped by the same player several games in a row, Ninja threatened to quit playing or streaming the game, something he reckons will ultimately damage Fortnite's popularity.

"It’s the same kids, bro," Ninja said, (via Dexerto). "Get out of my game. Get away from me. You’re not proving anything by going into a f**king game and running to someone, and when you know, they’re in a fight with somebody and f**king killing them.

"The thing is, these f**king clout-chasing losers, they have no idea. All they’re doing is just harming the game because I’m not gonna f**king play it. I’m not gonna play it—I'm not gonna stream it."

Granted, you can see where he's coming from. A YouTube breakdown claims that replays show players travelling by car across the entire map to hunt down Ninja. Besides, when you're one of the biggest streamers around, there are bound to be folks looking to take advantage of your footage. 

But it also feels facetious to claim that leaving the game will ultimately damage Fortnite. Yes, Ninja was an instrumental early voice in the game's scene—eventually rewarded with his own skin—but it's been a while since the streamer's been solely associated with Fortnite. Last year, he even floated moving away from streaming towards movies and voice-acting.

Honestly, all power to him for moving on from a game he's not having fun with. I'm sure Fortnite will continue to survive well enough without him.

Natalie Clayton
Features Producer

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