Ni no Kuni 2 free DLC adds new bosses and quests, due August 9

Ni no Kuni 2 is getting three DLC packs. The first is free and is due August 9.

That, billed as The Adventure Pack, adds news floors to Broadleaf's Faraway Forest, two new bosses named Blackhart and Zeta, new costumes, and additional quests that yield special rewards. The second, "coming this winter", promises a new 'puzzling' dungeon wherein players "face a series of difficult challenges and powerful enemies", so says publisher Bandai Namco.  

"A third DLC is planned for early next year with new exciting content and game features, as well as a whole new story expansion," Bandai Namco adds, more on which will be revealed nearer the time.

In the meantime, let me pass you over to Austin who, in his review earlier this year, thought Ni no Kuni 2 was pretty alright. I'm most interested to see how the above adds to the game's sense of completionism. Austin explores that here:  

It took me 50 hours to finish Ni no Kuni 2 with many side quests left over, and my eyes were silver dollars the entire time. I always wanted something. Hell, I wanted it all. The cycle of discovering, working toward, and finally unlocking things in Evermore delivers a gratifying sense of ownership. I can do this because I did that, and I want to do this so I can do that. 

I can upgrade my armor because I recruited better blacksmiths. I'm stocked up on consumables because I upgraded the general store. I want to build a dispellery and recruit someone to man it so I can purify and use my cursed weapons. I want to build better mining nodes so I can make a stronger sword. It never ends, and I never wanted it to.

Splashing for Ni no Kuni 2's season pass will net you all of the above as it becomes available. If that's for you, more information lives on its Steam page