New World's success has Amazon CEO convinced games could be the company's largest entertainment sector

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Amazon's colonial-flavoured MMO New World seems to have done well for the tech giant—well enough that CEO Andy Jassy now believes games could well outpace Amazon's efforts in music, movies and television.

Bloomberg (opens in new tab)reports that Jassy, who replaced company founder Jeff Bezos as CEO earlier this year (opens in new tab), told a GeekWire conference on Tuesday that Amazon had finally found footing in games thanks to New World. He even jabbed at Bloomberg's own reporting earlier this year, with the outlet suggesting Amazon doesn't know how to make a good game (opens in new tab).

"There were a lot of articles written, people saying things like 'Amazon knows how to build everything but games, why can't they build games?'" Jassy remarked. "It takes a few before you find a hit, or several, but they didn't lose their resolve."

New World has indeed been a hit for Amazon (opens in new tab), recording over 900,000 concurrent players (opens in new tab) over the weekend. But does follow a series of high profile failures: Amazon's first game, Crucible, was notoriously sent back into beta (opens in new tab) after launch, then subsequently canned (opens in new tab). Follow-up titles like sports-MOBA hybrid Breakaway (opens in new tab) and a tie-in for Amazon's Jeremy Clarkson vehicle The Grand Tour (opens in new tab) fared little better.

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It also remains to be seen how long New World will survive long-term. Our own team remains split on whether New World is a compelling PVP sandbox (and brilliant fishing sim), or a tedious chore with a terrible jump and boring houses. Speaking to Bloomberg, DFC Intelligence analyst David Cole said it's "too early" to tell if New World has the legs Amazon believes it has.

"It’s not a disaster, you could say," Cole reckons. "It’s not what we consider a huge game, in the sense that if it wasn’t Amazon, I don’t think you would be paying that much attention to it."

New World has, at least, survived long enough to see its first post-launch update. Arriving earlier this week, Update 1.0.1 includes a raft of bug fixes, changes to the game's AFK timer, and (thankfully) a warning dialog box to prevent you for accidentally leaving those terminally long queues.

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