New Spec Ops: The Line trailer shows brutal atrocities, stuff blowing up

A new Spec Ops: The Line "community gameplay" trailer has appeared on YouTube. It's "exclusively for the community," somehow, and contains a smidgen of new gameplay footage.

In the trailer, protagonist Captain Martin Walker deals with the horrors of the game's Heart of Darkness inspired plot: Dubai has been destroyed by sandstorms, and the U.S. Army team which stayed behind doesn't seem to be adapting very well to the situation at all . Walker first confronts the atrocities by looking stern while cameras sweep around him, and then by punching people in the face and blowing up helicopters. The latter does look fun.

Spec Ops: The Line currently has a June 26, 2012 release date--have a read of our recent preview for more.

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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