New Space Hulk game announced - trailer within

Games Workshop have announced a new Space Hulk game . Built by developer Full Control , it'll be a turnbased strategy game designed to closely mimic the action of the boardgame itself, in which a team of heavily armoured Space Marines stomp through the infested carcass of an immense spaceship, ripping its chitinous inhabitants to shreds with mighty bolters or otherwise meeting a grisly fate themselves.

There's a teaser trailer within, but it's about as disappointingly scant on detail as any teaser trailer has ever been. However, a bullet-point list on the game's site reveals a few more exciting tidbits: there's cross-platform multiplayer with the Mac and iOS versions, a new co-op campaign against the Genestealer AI and a level editor.

As the trailer (barely) shows, you'll be playing as Blood Angels, romping through the ruins of the Sin of Damnation .