New Solar Ash trailer shows a gargantuan flying boss fight

Solar Ash
(Image credit: Heart Machine)

At the Summer Game fest we got another exciting, if disappointingly brief, look at Solar Ash, which was first revealed last year. The colorful and dizzying platforming adventure from Heart Machine, maker of Hyperlight Drifter, showed off a bit more gameplay, featuring a fight against an impressively massive flying boss.

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To even reach the winged monstrosity, the player first has to surf to the top of a tower, then leap onto the beast's back. Sliding around it's armored hide to destroy a series of nodes, the boss is finally dispatched by a mighty kick to the head.

It's a short clip, but an undeniably cool one. Hopefully we'll see more soon. There's no specific release date yet, but Solar Ash is due out on the Epic Games Store this year.

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