New Rockstar logos have fans speculating about an announcement

(Image credit: Rockstar)

Rockstar knows that fans love to pore over its every activity, looking for clues to a fresh update or even a new game announcement. Recently Reddit has spotted a couple of new logos appearing on, and they might be worth a closer look.

The first is a new background for the site's sidebar showing a golden robot cuddling a glowing R* logo. Notably the subject and art style aren't reminiscent of any of Rockstar's existing games, as far as I can tell, which is why the image jumped out to site visitors.

The second logo has triggered more interest. The overlaid patterns of words and numbers are proving irresistible to internet sleuths look for coded hints.

The logo is embedded at the bottom of this post so you can expand and take a look yourself. "Killing dreams, murdering people, fighting the righteous, bullying the weak" could apply to a lot of Rockstar's output; it's details like the serial number just above and to the right of the phrases that bear investigation. And what about that vertical series of R*s and period symbols to the right of the big R?

It's probably just a branding refresh, but it's feasible that Rockstar has something in the pipe for the new console generation coming this year. I'm looking forward to seeing how Rockstar capitalises on all that extra processing power. For more R* speculation, we've rounded up every GTA 6 rumour we could find so far.

Thanks, GamesRadar.

(Image credit: Rockstar)

(Image credit: Rockstar)
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