New LawBreakers videos focus on the rocket-wielding Titan

Boss Key is holding the final alpha test for LawBreakers this weekend, and judging by the two videos the studio released today, it really wants you to try the Titan class. Represented by Bomchelle on the Law side and Cronos on the Breakers side, both characters wield a rocket launcher which can be niftily shot over your shoulder without moving the crosshair, as well as a close-range electrical weapon.

Rocket jumping is in of course, but that over-the-shoulder move is actually a more classy way of getting a boost without having to aim downwards. The developers offer their tips in the video directly below, followed by a more general look at the two Titan characters available in the alpha.

For some early impressions from the alpha, here's a few PC Gamer writers offering their thoughts.

Shaun Prescott

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