New Heat Signature gameplay video shows off upgraded visuals and music

Heat Signature

Heat Signature has come a long way since developer Tom Francis—a former PC Gamer editor—added an artist and a pair of composers to the team back in September. A screen released alongside the announcement indicated that a major visual upgrade was on the way, and now Francis has released a nine-minute gameplay video showing off its new look in action.

The gameplay remains essentially the same and the ships are still blocky, Lego-like constructions. But their interiors are much more detailed, and the cold depths of space through which they travel are far prettier than the speckled blackness of the previous video. It sounds like there's a proper soundtrack in there too, with music that varies depending on what you're getting up to.

Francis says in the video that the new systems are "nascent" and there's a lot more to add, but testing is expected to begin soon. If you're interested in taking part, sign up for the Heat Signature mailing list at

Andy Chalk

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