New Halo Wars 2 trailer explores story and characters

Following its announcement last year, we learned 343 and Creative Assembly’s Halo Wars 2 is heading our way in February at E3 last month. Studio head Dan Ayoub later showcased the RTS in action at the PC Gaming Show, and the publisher has now revealed a story trailer which delves into the game’s character and lore. 

The featurette below introduces us to logistics AI Isabelle who, unlike previous series characters Cortana and Serina, isn’t military-minded. She immediately warns her crew she can sense an evil presence aboard the ark and her advice is to abandon ship.

They don’t, obviously, and quickly run into a spot of trouble. “What if one Brute was not only stronger than the others but also incredibly intelligent?” asks the short, before introducing the formidable Spartan-destroying antagonist Atriox.  

“Who is this guy?” we’re asked there. After that display, I'm not so sure I want to find out, but I guess we will come February 21 when Halo Wars 2 arrives on PC. Look out for the beta that's scheduled to run nearer launch.