New Grim Dawn DLC arrives tomorrow

Dark and sinister Diablo 2-a-like Grim Dawn welcomes its ‘The Crucible’ DLC tomorrow.  

Dubbed a “harsh battleground filled with waves of Grim Dawn’s deadliest fiends,” the incoming expansion dumps players into four different arenas and tasks them with fending off 150 enemy waves—all for the amusement of the titular Crucible’s enigmatic overlord Lokarr. 

“But he is not a cruel master,” says the action RPG's developer Crate Entertainment. “Endure his trials and be rewarded with vast wealth; fail, and know only his scorn.” So, um, don’t mess up, yeah?

Tributes act as currency to craft defence structures, while Celestial Blessings call upon the gods to see you right. More on the specifics can be read this way, however here’s the general idea as told via the game’s site: 

“The Crucible will test your characters like nothing has before as you battle through its three difficulty modes. You will begin as an Aspirant, untested and unscarred by the ravages of the Crucible. But once you defeat the first 100 waves of the Crucible, you will earn access to the Challenger difficulty. Likewise, defeating 100 waves as a Challenger will allow you to play on the Gladiator difficulty. Each difficulty presents tougher challenges, but also greater rewards.”

If you picked up Grim Dawn via its website prior to or during its Kickstarter—or via the Kickstarter campaign itself—The Crucible DLC comes free-of-charge. If you didn’t, it’ll cost £4.49/$4.99 on Steam and GOG with a 15 percent release discount during its first week.