New Fallout TV series set photos show iconic Red Rocket gas station

Photo of Red Rocket set from Fallout TV series
(Image credit: @jcarson_nyack on Twitter)

We're excited for the upcoming Fallout TV series from Amazon Studios, and even though production just started in July of last year we find ourselves wishing there was more to see than just the single official screenshot that's been released so far.

Wish granted! A set being built in New York was spotted by another eager Fallout fan. J Carson on Twitter found a filming location still under construction and posted some great photos of it. Even better, it's none other than an iconic Red Rocket filling station.

In Bethesda's Fallout games Red Rocket was a chain of filling stations offering gasoline, diesel, and fusion (many pre-war cars in the Fallout universe were atomic-powered). In Fallout 4, the Red Rocket truck stop can be converted into a settlement, and in Fallout 76 there are about a half-dozen Red Rockets you can find around the map. They make great landmarks and are typically full of useful loot.

It's cool to get confirmation that a portion of the show will take place in or around a Red Rocket. Clearly the set isn't complete yet, and the proverbial red rocket itself has yet to be added to the rooftop (unless that'll be done with CG). But even with the sign still wrapped in plastic, you can clearly see the letters spelling Red Rocket. Also, you can just make out the faded red letters on a couple of the pumps.

It looks pretty close to some of the many Red Rocket locations we've seen in Fallout games. For comparison, here's one from Fallout 4 located near Sanctuary Hills and Vault 111, followed by photo of the set below.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Fallout tv show set red rocket gas station

(Image credit: @jcarson_nyack on Twitter)

J Carson has posted a bunch photos of the set you can view on Twitter, and we hope to see some more as the work continues. Somehow I doubt the production crew will allow people to snap pictures when the actors arrive to start filming, but hopefully it won't be too much longer before we get some official photos or maybe even the show's first teaser trailer.

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