New Deus Ex designer criticises Invisible War

The lead designer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution has criticised the second game in the series, saying that its opening was unengaging, and that the setting was 'too futuristic.'

Speaking to PC Gamer, Jean-Francois Dugas, who previously worked on the Rainbow Six: Vegas games, explained that as part of his research for the new project he and his team went back and played the previous titles. Although he believes that Invisible War offered “good level of multi-path, multi-solution, and was actually fun to play”, he says "what didn't help was that at the start of the game you don't know who you are, what your background is, or what you're doing in the world. It takes hours before you can make sense of your identity. I think it was maybe too hard to absorb and immerse in that world because it took so many hours.”

The far-future setting of Invisible War was also a problem, Dugas says.

“It was more futuristic and less grounded in a reality that we can relate to. I'm not talking about universal ammo – that's a whole different debate – it's more about the broader appeal. In the first Deus Ex you have an identity already clear in your head. You're a super-soldier, you work for UNATCO, a branch of the UN. It's the near future, and you immediately see the Statue of Liberty with its head on the ground. There's something strong that you can relate to, that Invisible War lacked.”

"We don't have universal ammo," Dugas laughs.

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