New Deathloop gameplay footage will make Dishonored fans feel at home

Deathloop really looks like an Arkane game in this most recent gameplay video (via Game Informer) focused on its arsenal. Just like Dishonored and Prey, the game has a blink ability for rapid traversal into hard-to-get areas, and it definitely inherits the multiple approaches format of the immersive sim. That’s a good thing—there aren’t enough games like this—but compared to the studio’s other recent games the weaponry is fairly conventional.

First there’s the trusty machete, which you’ll use to cut throats, and looks pretty useful given how agile the player-character is. Then there’s the PT-6 ‘Spiker’, a precision rifle that looks ideal for long distance stealth kills. The Rapier is a single barrel shotgun that completely lacks sublety, though it seems to be a decent option for long range kills too. 

Even less subtle is the Strelak 50-50, a giant machine gun for decidedly untactical room clearing. There’s also the LMP-10 (rapid fire and loud), the Sepulchra Breteira (a loud long range sniper) and the Tribunal, a fancy neon-blue pistol. Like I said, they’re all pretty straightforward ballistic weapons, but the Heritage Gun seems to use some kind of weird videogame magic. Not all weapons are shown in the video above, so there may be some unusual surprises.

The Deathloop release date is May 21. It’s set in the 1960s and you’ll need to take out eight targets in a large city. Oh, and as the name implies, the city is stuck in a time loop, which is sure to complicate things. 

Shaun Prescott

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