New Bethesda game to use id Tech 5


Bethesda's owners, Zenimax, have announced their purchase of European studio MachineGames. The Swedish studio are now working on a new title for Bethesda, using id Tech 5.

MachineGames was created last year by the founding members of Starbreeze, the company responsible for the excellent Vin Diesel driven Chronicles of Riddick. They'll be creating the brand new title for Bethesda, and will be the first game outside of id to utilise the shiny new id Tech 5 engine, the driving force behind next year's post-apocalyptic shooter Rage.

MachineGames' CEO, Jack Gustafsson is taking the role of Executive Producer on the as yet unannounced title, he had this to say: “Working with our new colleagues at id and the world class publisher, Bethesda Softworks, is a tremendous opportunity. MachineGames has assembled a dedicated team that has extensive experience working together to produce quality games. We are excited to create a new AAA title for gamers on id Tech 5 that will push the game development envelope.”

Tom Senior

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