New Act of Aggression trailer showcases the Chimera

Act of Aggression

Eugen System has released a new Act of Aggression faction trailer, this one examining the Chimera, a UNO-funded "versatile global task force" designed to handle any situation. Unlike the US Army, which we looked at in April, the Chimera is a very high-tech and adaptable outfit, but its innovative technology is heavily dependent on cash flow, which forces it to move aggressively to take and defend banks.

In fact, the Chimera appears to be the complete opposite of the US Army in many ways. Its headquarters also acts as a power reserve, making it very difficult to shut down unit production, and its units can be upgraded to highly specialized offensive and defensive functionality. It also makes heavy use of infantry in combat roles, relying on UAVs for exploration purposes. But as a jack of all trades, it's a master of none.

"Chimera units and defensive buildings are the most versatile ones of all factions, usually upgraded with several weapon systems allowing them to engage any kind of target, or combining very effective attack and defense equipments," the gameplay overview explains. "But versatility usually comes at the price of never being the best in any field."

Act of Aggression is a "traditional" three-faction RTS being developed by Eugen Systems, the studio behind the Wargame and Act of War RTS series. It's set to launch in September.

Andy Chalk

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