Neverwinter: a co-op RPG from Atari and Cryptic

neverwinter logo

Atari and Cryptic have announced a new game set in the Neverwinter universe. It'll have five-man co-op, a storyline- and quest-creation utility, and will be out in the last leg of 2011.

It's called Neverwinter, because the city is called Neverwinter. It is never winter there. You'd think that'd mean it was a great holiday destination, like Bath. But sadly, it's assailed by hordes of undead, deadly plagues, assassinations, and civil war, which is also like Bath. They're working with author R A Salvatore and D&D people Wizards of the Coast to make sure it's proper authentic Neverwinter action.

It'll be part of a "multi platform event," which means they're doing a book and a board game too. This will be Cryptic's first game that isn't a big old MMO (although I was sure it was going to be) - we'll see how they get on, shall we? You can keep an eye on it here .