NBC is now using Minecraft to explain who owns the moon

You ever really think about the moon? More specifically, have you ever thought about who owns it? It's actually a very complicated matter. Fortunately, NBC Left Field is here to break down the basics, complete with illustrations and animations, all of it rendered in Minecraft. 

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Launched last month, NBC Left Field is a "social video unit" that "aims to reinvent storytelling for viewers who primarily get their news from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram," according to Variety. It features content from journalists around the world, and while some of it is obviously lighthearted—like, for instance, this—it does dig into more difficult topics too, such as a military summer camp for kids in Ukraine, or the challenges and risks facing coal miners in the US. 

Microsoft apparently wasn't involved in the creation of the video, as a rep said the Minecraft team had no comment on it. "But I learned some new stuff about the Moon today!" the rep added. I'd call that a pretty good outcome. 

Andy Chalk

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