NBA Live 18 introduces The One, a custom character story mode

Update: NBA Live probably isn't coming to PC, as evidenced by every time it hasn't come to PC. We were riding on the energy of the FIFA announcement just before it, a sports game which does come to PC, and thinking of the 2K NBA series which releases on PC every year, when we posted this article. Our mistake!

In what looks a lot like FIFA 17 and 18's career story mode The Journey, NBA Live 18 will also give players a chance to create a character and guide them through a basketball career, starting with street hoops (in real-world courts) and leading to the NBA. Above, watch the trailer for the new story mode, called The One, which was revealed during EA Play.

Free demos have been announced for consoles in August, though none was announced for PC (hopefully, we'll get one too).

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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