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NBA 2K20 is plagued with issues and taking a hammering on Steam

(Image credit: 2K Games)

NBA 2K20 launched last week and has since racked up a mountain of negative user reviews, as well as a trending hashtag, #Fix2K20, due to what players are reporting is a prevalence of game-breaking bugs and microtransactions. Players and streamers have been clamouring for fixes since Thursday, but will need to wait a bit longer for an update. 

The list of issues is long and includes slow loading, countless reports of crashes, reputation bars and other progression systems freezing and, of course, loot boxes. The Triple Threat mode has also been taken offline, with 2K not yet able to say when it will reappear. It's not just a shoddy PC port, either, as the problems appear to be affecting all versions of the game. 

It's not all bad, though. With glitches comes the silver lining of goofy animation gifs, like the one below.

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I don't know anything about basketball, so maybe interpretive dance is just a regular part of a match. 

On Twitter, 2K Support has been responding to complaints by asking players to open a ticket, as well as directing them to various support articles. If you're one of the many having trouble, you can also use live chat to reach 2K's support team without making a ticket. 

The issues are so broad that it's probably going to need a wide-ranging update that won't appear overnight, though hopefully fixes for the serious, game-breaking issues will be rolled out first. 2K hasn't offered a time frame yet, but it says it's working on solutions.  

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