Mythos update to add Dungeon Master mode, PvP arenas and more levels


A mammoth update for free to play MMO Mythos is set to add new player vs. player arenas and a Dungeon Master mode that challenges you to wipe out dungeons as fast as possible for bonus loot. The patch, spotted by Massively , will also hike the level cap from 50 to 51, giving top tier players room to become even more powerful and opening up impressive new armour sets. You'll find the extensive patch notes below, taken from the Mythos site , where you can also sign up to download and play the game for free.

Dungeon Master


  • Clear a Dungeon of its inhabitants (more than 90%) as fast as you can and earn a reward! You can enjoy this special content in all dungeons except Ruins and Runegates dungeons.

  • Only one player can join the Dungeon Master mode

  • Access only when you are in that dungeon's level range

  • You can't use the stones for summoning portals or for travelling back to the dungeon exit

  • If you leave the dungeon through its entrance, the Dungeon Master attempt is abandoned.

  • The entrance fee will be deducted automatically.

  • The Entrance Fee will be consumed and the prize in-game money will be delivered the winner (Dungeon Master) once a week


  • Dungeon Master's name & his guild name will be shown on the dungeon map.

  • The drop rate of Item will be increased in that Dungeon, and if the Dungeon Master enters first, then the party members also can receive this benefit.

  • The in-game money prize is equal to “basic money prize + collection of other challenger's Fee” (after a 10% tax), and this gold will be provided once a week until the maintenance. The Dungeon Master will receive it in the Mail.

Lamento PvP system


  • 1v1 & 2v2

  • After you've created a Lamento team at the Lamento master (only possible from level 50 onwards) at the cost of 3 Gold, you can register for a match at the Lamento manger.

  • After registration, an opponent team will be randomly selected and both teams will automatically be teleported to the Lamento arena.

  • Countdown of 10 seconds before the battle starts

  • Can leave the battle but this results in a -1 Lamento point penalty

  • Bloodletter and Pyromancer Minions disappear when you enter the Arena. 5-7 Monsters that roam the Arena can be used to summon Bloodletter minions.

  • You can re-enter the same fight up to 3 times against the same player (4 Battle in total)

  • If you die, you can still watch your party member's combat (Shortcut: Home)

  • You can't use potions

  • You can use bandages and grenades

  • When you leave your Lamento team, the record (win/lose) of your Lamento team will be reset!


  • With every won match your team will get Lamento points as reward

  • Using Lamento point, you can purchase the new weapons & armour (level 51 items), as well as pets from the merchant

  • These Lamento items are unidentified.

General changes

  • The level cap has been increased to 51 - Now you are able to wear those cool sets that you collected!

  • Movement speed changed - 4 gems are added that increase the movement speed.

  • Luck-system has been revised - The limit is also increased and we fixed a functional error.

  • New types of stats can now be generated if an item drops - Spell damage, short distance damage and long distance damage added

  • Spawning rate of rare/ stronger monsters is increased - Zone1 – Zone3: Normal- and Runegate dungeons have now more rare monsters.

  • Limit of activated achievements is changed - Before it was only possible to activate 2 achievements of the same kind. Now there is no more limit.

  • Limit of critical damage is now increased to 80% - From 50%, it's now increased to 80% (not the critical damage, but the critical probability).

  • Higher drop chance for Items - Chance that higher items drop more often has been increased (quality of Item) Normal (white) -> common (green) -> rare (blue) -> and so on… Before: In the low level area, the items with good options didn't drop. With this patch, better optioned items will be dropped. Also in high level area, more diverse items will be dropped.

  • Send mail to yourself not possible anymore
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