Mystery-solving life sim The Good Life delayed to Fall

The Good Life
(Image credit: White Owls Inc.)
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Master of the mundane-yet-strange Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro and his company White Owl Inc were due to release their latest game this summer, but life sim and photography game The Good Life won't release until Fall after a delay announced today via Twitter.

The game was added to Steam last year for release this Summer, but it looks like a few more months of polish are in the works. The Good Life was first crowdfunded in 2018, for 2019 release, but has gotten two extra years in development. In his Twitter post, Swery apologized for the delay to Fall, saying "We are working very hard. And we really want to give the best experience to your hand. Therefore please give us a little more while.

In The Good Life, players are a photojournalist named Naomi who moves to a small town in England, Rainy Woods, to repay a huge debt. There's also a murder in town to solve. Also, everyone magically transforms into cats and dogs every night. Eventually, Naomi can also turn into a cat or dog and use her cat and/or dog powers to solve mysteries and stalk people. 

You can find The Good Life on Steam.

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