Myst developer Cyan Worlds announces Obduction, a new first-person adventure game

20 years after it unleashed the strange and wonderful Myst into the world, developer Cyan Worlds has a new first-person adventure game in the works. It's called Obduction , and Cyan is looking for crowdfunding support through Kickstarter . The developers are turning to Kickstarter after getting a less than enthusiastic response from publishers, according to Cyan CEO Rand Miller.

"The publishers kind of have a lot of times something in mind and a track they're on," Miller said in Obduction's announcement video. "And what we do is a little bit different than that."

With a Kickstarter goal of $1.1 million, Obduction is based around the premise of being abducted, taken to an alien planet, and left to solve the mystery of where and why you have ended up in what Miller calls a "bizarre landscape." Cyan, whose original Myst has been included in the collection at New York's Museum of Modern Art, is looking to create a game that has a similar sense of adventure but tells an entirely new story, according to Miller.

"It would be easy for us to just do a Myst sequel, but maybe not as satisfying as taking a new fresh look can we build a spiritual successor to the experience that Myst provided without necessarily tying ourselves to that same, precise story line," Miller said. "And that's where we want to go."

The crowdfunding campaign started Thursday and runs through November 16. Check out Miller in the video below for more on Obduction and its genesis.

Hat tip, Gamasutra .