Myriad is an arcade assault of beautiful colour


Here is a trailer for the upcoming arcade game Myriad.

Right, then. Here's what's going on there, courtesy of creator Erlend Grefsrud:

"Myriad is purely about performance. It’s stark naked, with no story, no obvious meaning at all – just actions and consequences, crisp shapes and you. Everything springs out of your performance."

You shoot enemies to grow the level, and blow up the level to create chain reactions that kill all of the enemies. It's a bad time for enemies, basically.

So that's what was happening in the trailer. I didn't pick up on any of that when I first watched it—just a electric assault of stark, crisp shapes flowing beautifully through circles to the beat of pulsing music. Which, to be honest, was more than enough to get me interested.

There's no release date, it seems, but Myriad is coming to Steam, PS4 and Vita. You can see more game footage below.

Phil Savage

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