MSI wraps its newest mid-tower case in tinted tempered glass

MSI is rolling out a new Mag Pylon mid-tower case that it's positioning under its "Gaming Gear" umbrella of products. It has three tinted tempered glass panels—both sides and the front—to show off your build, and supports the company's Mystic Light Sync feature to synchronize lighting across other MSI products.

The case comes with three 120mm RGB fans aligned in the front. You could swap them out for a pair of larger 140mm fans if you wanted to, and there is also room to install up to two 140mm or 120mm fans (or a liquid radiator and fans) in the top and a 120mm in rear.

Cable management is a bit more important in a see-through case like this, unless you're a honey badger and just don't care what your build looks like. Assuming you do, you'll find four large cable cutouts to the right of the motherboard tray. There are also several cable tie downs on the back of the tray.

The Mag Pylon sports a dual-chamber design that is pretty common these days. There are two drive bays supporting 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch storage drives tucked into the bottom, and around back are mounts for two more 2.5-inch drives.

You can install a graphics card up to 14.57 inches long in the Mag Pylon. The case supports mounting it vertically in front of the side panel, though it's not clear if the "construction kit" that makes this possible is included with the case or will be sold separately.

The front I/O consists of two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports, along with separate headphone and microphone jacks. Power and reset buttons sit on top as well.

The case looks attractive and offers plenty of features. Unfortunately, MSI did not announce pricing or availability yet.

Paul Lilly

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