MSI reveals details on its GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z

After a quick tease last week, MSI has now shared the full details of its new GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Z graphics card.

Like most MSI cards, the Lightning Z has three modes which change clock and memory speeds on the fly based on how much performance you want. For this one though, the regular OC Mode has been renamed Lightning Mode. In Silent mode you'll get 1480 / 1582 MHz base / boost clock speeds. In Gaming Mode, these are boosted up to 1582 / 1695 MHz. Lightning Mode cranks things up even further, with 1607 / 1721 MHz. The two faster modes also boost the memory frequency up to 11120MHz from its normal 11GHz. 

As for the ports, you'll get two DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0, and one DVI connector. It's got a triple fan cooling solution, and it requires three 8-pin power connectors to run. The Lightning Z has what MSI calls "mystic lights" and a customizable nameplate, if you're particularly into the aesthetic of your graphics card.