MSI brings console-like game controllers to the PC and other platforms

MSI is kicking off its new Force series of game controllers with the Force GC30 and Force GC20, both of which look similar to Microsoft's Xbox One controller. They're said to work with Windows, Android, and "popular gaming consoles." 

The GC30 and GC20 look nearly identical, save for a slightly different color scheme—the GC30 has different color X, Y, A, and B buttons and red accents around the thumbstics and D-pad, while the GC20 has red buttons and no accent coloring.

MSI's product pages are not yet live so we don't have full details on these controllers. In the meantime, Hexus reports the only functional difference between the two is that the GC20 is a wired solution and the GC30 supports both wired and wireless operation.

The new controllers feature rubber side grips on both handles and dual vibration motors for haptic feedback. They also come with replaceable top covers for the 8-way D-pad—the covers attach magnetically.

MSI intends to release its new controllers before the end of the year, though has not yet said exactly when or how much they will cost. As a point of reference, an Xbox One wireless controller retails for $60, or $130 if you go for the Xbox Elite, our luxury pick among the best controllers for PC gaming.

Paul Lilly

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