New WildStar trailer is all about movement

Am I ever so glad Carbine released this video about WildStar 's movement options! I was scared it'd be one of those, y'know, stand-in-the-spot MMOs. Good-natured joshing aside, though, one thing that's really important in gaming is fluidity of movement, and it seems WildStar's absolutely nailed it here.

You've gotta love Carbine—only they can make such an everyday topic really, really entertaining (personally, I'm still chuckling at "Dash is not a one-trick pony"). Besides the humor, there are some nifty things in their latest DevSpeak diary. When was the last time we could double-jump in an MMO? The biggest deal, though, is that the gameplay footage only serves to further reinforce our glowing preview : WildStar's looking like a gorgeously crafted universe, and I'm almost tempted to resubscribe to WoW just to get my fix of all of the colors in the lead-up to Wildstar's release.