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Mousey RPG Ghost of a Tale will sneak out in March

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Remember Ghost of a Tale? It's the very pretty RPG that first surfaced in 2013 and features a mouse called Tilo exploring the medieval world of Dwindling Heights Keep, which is inhabited only by animals. It hit Early Access in July (opens in new tab) and was due to squeak out this year, but now it's been pushed back slightly and had a more concrete date slapped on it: March 2018.

The game is light on combat, so you'll be sneaking, disguising, or talking your way out of any sticky situations you get into. The team are still working on quests, dialogue, animations and more, but development will be complete by the end of the year. Then the testing begins. 

And there will be a fair amount to test—the game's story (focusing on Tilo's quest to find his true love, Merra) will take 15 to 20 hours and play out over 60 quests. It'll run longer if you want to go after all its secrets and hidden locations, the team said in a blog post (opens in new tab).

Expect to pay $24.99 (roughly £19) when it goes on sale, although it will remain $19.99/£14.99 for the remainder of Early Access on Steam (opens in new tab) and GOG (opens in new tab).

I haven't played it yet but flicking through the screens and some video footage makes me want to. It looks fantastic, as you can see in the pictures below—a lot of effort has gone into the lighting in particular. The Early Access reviews are very positive, which gives me high hopes for the story and setting. 

Here's the trailer that was released last year, which shows off some gameplay footage:

Samuel Horti
Samuel Horti

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