Mount Your Friends skins down, climbs into the Steam Greenlight pile

Come from the darkest corners of the internet, the hilarious indie game Mount Your Friends has landed in the middle of Steam Greenlight with a loud, fleshy slap. The full game will feature customizable climbers, a single player campaign, mouse and keyboard controls and “ ManCraft ,” a free-form man-tower building mode.

Mount Your Friends is a multiplayer game, originally on XBox Live Arcade, where players build a towering pile of undulating man-flesh. The goal, as I understand it, is to be the player who climbs to the highest peaks of Man Mountain. Each turn adds another muscle-bound climber to the pile, so each turn it gets a little bit harder to reach the tip. Mount Your Friends developer Stegersaurus Games has released a new launch trailer as well. Behold:

If all that flesh and ragdoll physics wiggling has scandalized your sensibilities, Stegersausus has also released this censored version featuring the climbers in snazzy suits and dangling zippers, but if anything it seems even more obscene. In a good way, I mean. This is a game that aimed directly at “obscene” and pulled the trigger, and bravo for that.

Anyway, head over to Steam Greenlight to bring Mount Your Friends and its piles of man-meat to the PC where it belongs.