Mount and Blade: Warband Napoleonic Wars update adds ten maps, releases full source code

The latest update to Mount and Blade: Warband's Napoleonic Wars DLC releases the full source code into the wild, which should give Mount and Blade modders plenty to get their gnashers into. Warband's been a great platform for modders, and the extra units and features added by Napoleonic Wars has only put more muskets in the toolbox. The addition of new units, more swords, longer swords and better saddle textures can only help. The ten most popular maps from a recent community map contest have joined the rotation, and there are a bunch of balance fixes to boot.

The full update notes follow, plucked from Steam .

New features:

  • Added “Litovskiy Ulanskiy Polk”, Lithuanian Lancer Regiment, to Russia.

  • Added new swords for British Musicians and 95th Rifles, Austrian Infantry and Jägers.

  • Added new wall scene props for mappers - in desert and wood styles.

  • Added more destruction stages for some walls (that are commonly used in custom siege maps) and improved their textures.

  • Added new French Officers pants.

  • Pioneer earthworks can now be removed by using the shovel in alternate mode (accessible by press X).

  • Added the top ten community maps from the mapping contest.

  • Released full source code for modders.

General Changes

  • Remade all equipment for Russia: Cartridge bags, belts, etc.

  • Remade Austrian battle flags.

  • Players are now forced to walk when surrendering.

  • Improved textures of British and Austrian saddles.

Balance changes

Bug Fixes

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