Morrowind modder whose kids hate mudcrabs added the family cat to protect them

Stripes the Cat
(Image credit: NoUsernamesNotTaken)

"I made this for my kids when they were little", modder NoUsernamesNotTaken writes in the description. "They liked to play but were terrified of mudcrabs so I made them a companion protector based off the family cat."

Stripes the Cat (opens in new tab) adds a cat to Morrowind who can zip around and cast shocking touch, a spell choice based on the real cat's ability to collect static electricity "because he is a little furball". 

The mod's description tells the story of Stripes: "He was a stray cat that showed up one day and made himself at home. He would follow along side when ever we went for a walk with the kids or when walking the dog. The dog had to be on a leash, but not Stripes he faithfully walked right beside us every where we went. So this mod is actually realistic in that regard."

Wonderful. To use Stripes the Cat in Morrowind, you'll first need the Companionable Cats (opens in new tab) mod created by Emma (a prolific modder who also has Dog Companions (opens in new tab) if you'd prefer). Then, download Stripes the Cat (opens in new tab). After activating both mods, you'll find Stripes waiting in Caldera. He can be told to follow or stay through dialogue, or by using the spells this mod adds when you approach the cat.

Stripes the Cat is part of the annual Morrowind May Modathon (opens in new tab), which this year is also celebrating Morrowind's 20th anniversary. There are 69 mods participating in the competition right now, including mods that make enemies fight more like the player (opens in new tab), add the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal and a quest to find the Gray Fox's identity (opens in new tab), add a quest to become the Champion of Azura (opens in new tab), and put a smiley face on a rock (opens in new tab). It takes all kinds.

Thanks, RPS (opens in new tab).

Jody Macgregor
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