Morrowind fan remake Skywind teases majestic Silt Striders in new trailer

Morrowind is heading to The Elder Scrolls Online this June in an official capacity, however work on fan remake Skywind—which aims to rebuild the third main series Scrolls tale within Skyrim—nonetheless soldiers on. Its latest trailer showcases custom animations of the role-player's towering Silt Strider beasts. 

Skywind's creator the TESRenewal Project points out that while it's proud to show off its first custom animation and iconic creature skeleton, the following is alpha footage and "does not represent the final outcome." TESRenewal suggests there are "noticeable issues with sliding, collision [and] pathing." 

In October last year, the TESRenewal Project released two progress update trailers—one for Skywind and one of similar fan-made project Skyblivion (the latter of which, you may guess, is bringing Oblivion to Skyrim). While these shorts showed both hobbyist projects are coming along well, Skywind's overview of its world, and characters and their behaviours really impressed, particularly given it's been in development since 2012. 

Before you go, here's another look at that: 

Follow Skywind's, and Skyblivion's, development on the TESRenewal Project website