Morrowind console commands: Getting silly in The Elder Scrolls

Morrowind console commands

The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind was groundbreaking: it was an enormous open world RPG that subverted many fantasy tropes in favor of a world so compelling, fans are still modding it into newer Elder Scrolls engines. The original is still a great game, made better by endless great Morrowind mods, but you don't have to go through Nexus to have a wild night in Morrowind. Enter some of Morrowind's console commands and you'll suddenly have a super jump or the ability to resurrect anyone from the dead.

With console commands and cheats, you can spawn Skooma at any time, fly high in the sky, and even change the scale of any NPC.

Here are all the game-changing codes and console commands that you can use in The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind after pressing the "~" key in-game.

Morrowind cheats: The most useful

The most useful Morrowind console commands and cheats

There are a ton of incredible Morrowind console commands, but not all of them are vital to your experience. Here are the most useful console commands and cheats that you'll likely want to test out first. 

Important! To target, simply click on what you'd like to affect while you're in console mode.

Unlock - Unlocks targeted container or door.

Resurrect - Brings targeted corpse back to life.

SetHealth # - Sets the player (or target)'s health to a specific number

SetLevel # - Sets the player's level to a specific number

RemoveSpellEffects (Spell ID) - Removes specified spell's effect

SetReputation # - Sets the player's level to a specific number

FixMe - Moves player 128 units away from current location. No more getting stuck!

SetMagicka - Sets the player's Magicka to a specific number

SetWaterWalking (0/1) - Toggles the ability to walk on water

SetSuperJump (0/1) - Toggles super jump

AddItem (Item ID) # - Adds a specific amount of an item to your inventory. Check out this handy list for item ID's!

FillJournal - Fills player journal with every entry

ToggleGodMode - Makes the player almost completely invincible 

ToggleCollision - Toggles collision between the player, objects, and other characters.

SetFlying 1 - Allows the player to fly permanently after casting a levitation spell.

Morrowind cheats: The rest of the commands

More Morrowind commands and cheats 

Lock # - Locks and sets lock level of targeted door or container 

ShowGroup - Shows the group members of targeted NPC or creature 

ToggleAI - Toggles in/out the selected NPC or creature

ToggleBorders - Toggles display borders on/off

EnableStatReviewMenu - Opens a menu that allows you to customize and modify your character's race and stats. 

ToggleCombatStats - Toggles combat statistic menu on/off

ShowTargets - Shows the targets of targeted NPC or creature's group.

SetScale # - Sets targeted NPC or building to specified number 

ToggleCollisionGrid - Toggles an in-depth grid of how objects interact with each other

SetFatigue # - Sets player's maximum fatigue to specified number

ToggleDebugText - Toggles an in-depth debug screen

SetCurrentHealth # - Sets player's current health

ToggleFogOfWar - Toggles the clouds on your automap

Set GameHour To # - Sets the in-game time, runs on a 24 hour clock/

SetMagicka # - Sets player's maximum magicka to specified number

ToggleFullHelp - Shows more information about objects the player looks at like who owns the item.

SetPCCrimeLevel # - Sets players bounty level to specific number

ToggleGrid - Toggles on/off a grid with cell information

SetWaterBreathing (0/1) - Allows player to breathe while swimming underwater

ToggleKillStats - Toggles statistics on how many characters/creatures player or target has killed

ToggleMenus - Toggles menu display on/off

ToggleScripts - Toggles scripts on/off

SetReputation # - Set reputation to specific number

ToggleStats - Toggles more debug statistics 

ToggleSky - Toggles the sky on/off

ToggleWorld - Toggles the world on/off. Super wild.

ToggleWireframe - Toggles on wireframe vision

AddSpell (Spell ID) - Adds a specific spell. Check out this handy list for spell ID's!

TogglePathGrid - Shows the walk paths of other characters

ToggleVanityMode - Toggles the AFK camera on during all times

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