More Star Wars Battlefront details revealed through data mining

Star Wars Battlefront

Data miners have uncovered everything there is to know about the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, pulling apart the beta to get the juicy info. Juicy, that is, if you like combing through a 20 page google doc for specific details about each weapon and ability. I'll leave it here if that takes you fancy.

It's worth mentioning that some of this might change, though with the launch so close that seems unlikely.

There aren't really any surprises with the new weapons, and you'll know most of the abilities if you've played the beta. The big scoop is the list of playable heroes, as well as all of the co-op missions and game modes. I won't write about them here for the spoiler-averse, but you can read all about them in that google doc should you wish.

Sam enjoyed the simple but enjoyable infantry combat when he looked at the game earlier this month, and the hoards that have since jumped into the beta have mostly agreed with him — when they're not being crushed as rebel scum.

Star Wars Battlefront is out November 17.