Moonman: Terraria meets Spelunky in strange 2D landscapes

Moonman is a procedurally generated adventure game starring a happy green blob on a quest to gather moon fragments and restore light to the world. Spelunky, Binding of Isaac and Terraria are listed as inspirations, and the influence of the latter is particularly apparent in the early screenshots, footage and gifs.

Terraria improved greatly over time as new secrets and monsters were added. It looks as though Moonman will launch this year with plenty of variety from the outset. I love the ambient environmental animation that causes flowers to rustle in the breeze, and there's an inviting strangeness to it. Alongside trad fantasy villains such as knights and giant spiders, you'll also encounter Maverick—"a laser shooting horse from the void", and an "emerald-coloured snow menace" called The Tesseract.

Moonman features building, crafting, questing and combat, but the team hope to give the game a more structured feel than the pure sandbox of Terraria. The latest dev log lays out some methods for generating layered missions, to be implemented in the coming months. "Towns, forests, tombs, islands, and alien landscapes" are promised, and I look forward to exploring them at length later in 2016.

Tom Senior

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