Moonlighter's first paid DLC brings a new endgame dungeon and enemies

Moonlighter's first paid DLC is a proper endgame expansion for players who have completed the base game. Between Dimensions is out today and brings with it several new enemies, minibosses, and lots of new loot. 

The launch day trailer above teases a few of these elements but mostly sets up the DLC as a continuation of Will's adventures when a spooky new portal appears north of Rynoka. The DLC also brings a new shop upgrade for showing off new interdimensional items and adds "trick weapons," which are ten unique weapons that the DLC's store page says are "both powerful… and punishing!" Be prepared for some likely monkey's paw in those item descriptions then.

Coming alongside the DLC are regular bug fixes and updates as well as a few freebie content additions. All three of the free content updates are new shop visitors: "thieves to invade your shop," "the indecisive customer," and "a bothersome bird terrorizing your customers."

You can get the Between Dimensions DLC on Steam now, with an Epic Store version "coming soon," and other platforms likely to follow. You can also read the rest of the 1.10 version updates on the game's website.

Lauren Morton
Associate Editor

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