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Monster Hunter: World’s Autumn Harvest event comes to PC

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Monster Hunter: World is getting delightfully spoopy with its Autumn Harvest in-game event, bringing catty little jack o’ lanterns and witchy, warlocky new hunting garb. Those that log in during the festival will get extra rewards—most notably doubled lucky vouchers for quest rewards, a character change voucher, and Autumn Harvest tickets for seasonal armor. All the seasonal armor for this event is layered armor, meaning you can use it as an appearance over your regular sets for the perfect blend of fashion and stats. Autumn Harvest started on Friday, October 5th and wraps up on Thursday, October 18th at 23:59 UTC.

Limited bounties, short-run hunts, are available throughout the event, and each of those gives you Autumn Harvest tickets to get gear, and the vitally important and highly entertaining Harvest Fireworks. Those tickets are what you need to craft all the seasonal armor, which won’t come around until next year—so if you want it, act sooner rather than later. The most notable event, however, is a spooky high rank Diablos hunt. Remember to let your hammer users break the horns!

Here’s the trailer from when the event launched on consoles, continuing the established schedule where seasonal content launches and expires on consoles just before it does on PC: 

Jonathan Bolding

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