Monster Hunter: World is getting an improved gathering hub and the Glavenus

Capcom has released a new developer diary video diving into the upcoming Monster Hunter: World expansion Iceborne. The video touches on a number of additions and changes coming in the update, most important among them a new and improved Gathering Hub, Seliana.

Seliana is a "home base that provides a sense of warmth" by adding a hot spring to the cold world of Hoarfrost Reach that also serves as a new Gathering Hub. Players can indulge in the springs while fully geared up or in more comfortable attire, and will also have access to new gestures, "to take the experience to the next level."

As well as facilitating player interaction, the new hub will also streamline the process of gearing up for a fight by enabling quick access to facilities including the Smithy, Resource Center, the Botanical Research Center, and Argosy. There are still "transitional periods," but the number of loading screens will be reduced.

Iceborne will also incorporate new Squad functionality, with Squad Cards and Sub-Leaders, and player rooms will have customizable furniture, décor items, and wall textures. A planned post-launch update will also enable players to invite friends and fellow huinters into their rooms to hang out.

The video also showcases three of the new monsters who will appear in Iceborne, two sub-species—Fulgur Anjanath and Ebony Odogaron—and the Glavenus, a sword-tailed beastie from Monster Hunter 3. The monsters turn up around the 15 minute mark, or if you prefer you can cut straight to the good stuff in the condensed trailer down below.

Monster Hunter: World—Iceborne comes to consoles in September, but just like the base game, we have to wait: It's not slated to arrive on PC until sometime in the winter.

Andy Chalk

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