Monster Hunter World: Iceborne will introduce the angry ape Rajang post-launch

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne won't be hitting PCs until January, but console players will be able to dive in later this week. Capcom has already begun teasing additional monsters on their way to Iceborne post-launch, with the first being the powerful Rajang.

Rajang is an ape-like beast, with strong arms, a pair of imposing horns, and the ability to emit lightning bolts from its mouth. First appearing in Monster Hunter 2, it's one of the series' most challenging hunts.

The trailer above hints at Rajang's notorious "Rage Mode," during which its fur rises and turns golden, and Rajang becomes an even rowdier customer.

Rajang will appear in the console version of Iceborne in October. It's unclear right now exactly how the post-launch content cadence will look for PC, but Rajang is showing up on consoles just a month or so post-launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players. That's quite a bit faster than "Angry Pickle" Deviljho showed up in the base game, so it's possible that Capcom has compressed the release schedule and that the PC version of Iceborne will see Rajang show up fairly soon after release.

I'm certainly looking forward to watch Rajang and Deviljho go head to head.