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Monochroma trailer sets the scene on a dystopian puzzler

It's hard to know the extent to which this "cinematic" Monochroma teaser reflects the final game—especially as its claimed the finished thing will contain no cut-scenes. Nevertheless, I am smitten with the animation, which is what I imagine South Park would look like had it been made in Arstotzka. And the regular art style is no less striking, showing a grey and red world for the story's two brothers to puzzle-platform across.

Monochroma is drawing influence from the developers' childhood move into urban Istanbul, as well as the violent police response to Turkey's Gezi Park protests . If that wasn't enough to convince you of its lofty ideals, check out this quote from the game's producer, Burak Tezateşer, delivered via press release:

"Monochroma is a game that questions the essence of playing a video game. A game might entertain players, make them feel good about themselves, or even help them socialize; but a good game should also be able to satisfy players emotionally and intellectually, make players think about their lives, society and the system they are living in the same way a good movie or novel does."

A trailer from early-2013 gives an idea as to how the game will play, or you can check out this demo , available from the Monochroma website.

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