Monaco getting Linux version on Monday, along with "a ton of free/new content"

Monaco - the excellent four-player stealth/heist game from Pocketwatch Games - hasn't quite lit the world on fire as I thought it would, but for all I know there could a million Linux users sitting at their PCs right now waiting for a cracking co-op game to get stuck into. They'll be well catered-for on Monday, when Monaco: What's Thief's Was Originally Mine breaks into the open prison known as Linux. It will come with "a ton of free/new content" , though the cunning devils at Pocketwatch haven't elaborated any further.

Pocketwatch broke the news on Facebook , which I suppose is how things are done now, though it's not clear whether this any of this "new/free" content will also make its way to PC and Mac. As Polygon note, Monaco's already had Steam Workshop support, a level editor and a free Mac version (free for owners of the PC game) since release, so some of it may be related to that.

We'll know more in a few days, but in other news: Monaco is pretty bloody brilliant , if you hadn't picked up that subtle undertone already.

Tom Sykes

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