Molyneux on thriving indie scene: "Enjoy this time, because it won't last

Peter Molyneux is known for grand statements, some of which turn out to be incorrect later. His most recently stated opinion is about the rising popularity of smaller indie games. Speaking with CVG , Molyneux said that we should “enjoy this time, because it won't last.”

Molyneux said that these things go in cycles as they do in the music industry. “You have a time where punk is big, and then you have times like now where everything is manufactured,” he said. “Enjoy this time, because inevitably it will only last a short period."

Why would smaller indie development go away? Molyneux suggests that companies and angel investors are offering our favorite indie developers a lot of money, and that a lot of them will inevitably accept offers and become integrated into a bigger corporate structure.

"We used to have these very defined ways to create a game, which resulted in Halo, Call of Duty and all of that stuff, but now we've thrown all of that away,” Molyneux said. “The games that we're celebrating now are stuff like Papers, Please - which is brilliant."

I don't know if Papers, Please winning the IGF means that anyone is offering Lucas Pope a lot of money to make his next game, but I'm fairly certain it doesn't mean that Microsoft and Activision have thrown away Halo and Call of Duty. Both companies are working on multiple sequels in both franchises.

Molyneux, an indie developer himself at 22 Cans, is currently working on Godus .