Mojang's Scrolls will add offline trading in update, full release coming this fall

A major update to Mojang's Scrolls is coming later this month that will add new Trials, new scrolls, a Black Market for scroll trading and even an improved profanity filter. And then—a release date!

The most significant part of the new Scrolls update, at least to my mind, is the addition of the Black Market, which despite its sinister name is really just a way to allow players to buy, sell, and trade scrolls while they're offline. Previously, trades needed to be made "live," but now players will be able to list up to ten scrolls at a time for sale and browse other listings at their leisure. Even if the market isn't necessarily "black," however, it sounds like it will have some shady corners.

"You can offer your wares at any price, giving you the choice to stay competitive, play the market, or attempt to dupe unsuspecting players with more gold than sense," Mojang wrote. "Likewise, if you're looking for a certain scroll, you'll be able to scope out the cheapest price and snap it up, even if the seller isn't online."

The update will also add the Waypoints set to the game, bringing the total number of scrolls to 360, ten new Trials, and a new launcher. And at some point after it goes live, Scrolls will finally go from beta to full release, which will bring with it the launch of the tablet edition of the game and a proper demo.

There's no release date yet beyond "this month," but you can dig into what details are available at .

Andy Chalk

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