Modern Warfare 2 launch times: the global release schedule

call of duty: modern warfare 2
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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launch time is nearly here—again. Of course the first game bearing the name launched 13 years ago but, also, pre-order players have been hopping into the nu-MW2 campaign since last week. The real launch is about to arrive though. On Friday (or the tail end of Thursday in the west coast of the US) everyone on all platforms will get to hit the multiplayer lobbies together. Or the campaign first, if that's your style. I can respect that.

My fellow PC Gamer writer and CoD man Morgan Park has already been testing the ground this week, rounding up the seven best and cringiest moments from the campaign for those who don't mind the spoilers or have also already sunk their time into hitting the credits before multiplayer launch.

Here's the intel you really want under your belt though: the Modern Warfare 2 release date and all the official launch times.

Modern Warfare 2 launch times 

(Image credit: Activision)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will launch globally at 12:00 am Eastern on Friday, October 28. Here's how that breaks down for other timezones across the world, which Activision has highlighted:

  • PDT: 9 pm, October 27
  • EDT: 12 am, October 28
  • GMT: 5 am, October 28
  • CEST: 6 am, October 28
  • JST: 1 pm, October 28
  • AEDT: 3 pm, October 28

Can you play Modern Warfare 2 early on PC?

The only part of Modern Warfare 2 that you can play before the global launch is the campaign, and only if you already preordered the game. There isn't a way to play Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer early on PC because on Steam and, the game launches simultaneously in all regions at the above times.

Things are a bit different for console players though, who will have a regional roll-out starting at 4 am PDT on Thursday and ending at 9 pm alongside the global PC launch. That's because on consoles each region will get access at midnight local time on Friday, October 28.

Since the console launch is not simultaneous, you may be wondering if the "New Zealand trick" will work to play the multiplayer mode early—spoiler: no. In past years, players have changed their console's language region in its settings to play the game when it unlocks at midnight local kiwi time, which means a boost of 17 hours if you're on the west coast of the US.

However, Infinity Ward has publicly warned players that the "New Zealand trick" will not work with Modern Warfare 2. "If you are trying to change your console’s region setting in order to access Modern Warfare 2 early, you will experience connectivity issues and may be locked out of the game until the official launch time of your region," the developer said on Wednesday night.

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