Mod makes Kratos the God of dad jokes

god of war
(Image credit: Sony)

The excellent God of War has been out in the wilds on PC for a few weeks, which means that the mods are starting to get more interesting than the (always welcome) saves and shader packs. Step forward God of Dad Jokes which restores a bunch of jokey audio recorded by Christopher Judge, Kratos' voice actor, that for tonal reasons wasn't included in the final game.

There's not a whole treasure-trove of material here: But what there is, is good. The mod adds the unused lines and edits the localisation files to keep it consistent. It is also English language only. You can see it in action below and, even if you're not that interested in installing the mod yourself, the second line is very funny indeed.

This is the first audio mod for God of War: There are plenty of others that make minor visual tweaks, as well as rather bizarrely one that removes Kratos's facial hair and makes him look like Ben Kingsley. With the game's success on PC, expect much more to come: Personally speaking, I'm looking forward to someone replacing Jörmungandr with Thomas the Tank Engine.

Rich Stanton

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